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Noi Bai is a significant aviation gateway in Vietnam, considered a pivotal point for the exchange of goods between Vietnam and the international market. Are you looking for customs clearance services at Noi Bai to facilitate the import and export of goods through this airport? Whether you are an individual or a business seeking a company specializing in customs declaration services at Noi Bai Airport that is quick and accurate.

=> DHS Logistics is proud to be a highly experienced company in customs procedures at Noi Bai Airport and various other airports, seaports, and border crossings throughout the country.


Customs clearance service at noibai airport


Contact DHS Logistics now for customs clearance services at Noi Bai


1. Customs Services at Noi Bai Airport for Air Cargo


For air cargo handled by import-export companies, it typically goes through primary warehouses such as NCTS Warehouse, ACS Warehouse, or ALS Warehouse.

Each warehouse has its own warehouse code and customs code:

  • NCTS Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01B1A02, Customs Code 01B1
  • ACS Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01B1A03, Customs Code 01B1
  • ALS Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01B1A04, Customs Code 01B1 

DHS Logistics has a dedicated customs staff stationed at this location daily, making it highly convenient for monitoring and managing our customers' shipments. This is also an advantage to better serve your cargo: regular updates and nearly immediate problem resolution.


2. Customs Services at Noi Bai Airport for Express Couriers (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS)


For shipments sent via express courier services (such as TNT, FEDEX, DHL, UPS, EMS), customs clearance is processed at the Hanoi Express Customs Department. Similar to air cargo, each express courier warehouse has its own warehouse code, and they share the same customs code 01DD (Hanoi Express Customs Department):

  • EMS Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC04
  • Consolidation Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC05
  • UPS Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC06
  • Fedex Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC07
  • Inter-Provincial Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC08
  • TNT Import Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC09
  • TNT Export Warehouse: Warehouse Code 01DDC10


DHS Logistics' customs staff at Noi Bai Airport is always ready to assist, file declarations, and facilitate customs clearance for shipments 24/7. In cases where imported goods need customs inspection, DHS Logistics will assist customers in consolidating shipments to the express courier warehouses.


3. Commitment to Customs Services at Noi Bai Airport by DHS 


  • Fast customs declaration completion.
  • Utmost customer data security.
  • A dedicated team of professionals with over 10 years of experience will provide thorough advice on documents, procedural requirements, HS code application, and C/O for our clients.
  • With top experts from the General Customs Department and long-standing operational staff, DHS Logistics is committed to delivering the finest service experience to our clients.
  • Comprehensive transportation services bundled with customs procedures, eliminating the need for clients to engage with multiple partners for their import or export shipments.
  • Transparent information on taxes, fees, and charges.
  • Convenient and complete documentation for clients to declare with state authorities before, during, and after customs clearance.
  • Optimization advice for customs declarations, including document preparation, procedures, and tax cost reduction.
  • Keeping up-to-date with customs agency policies, specialized agencies, and tax authorities' new requirements.


Contact Us :

Website: www.dhslogistics.vn
Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0943361666
Email: info@dhslogistics.vn  

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