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DHS Logistics is a leading forwarder company providing ocean freight services from VIETNAM to KOREA and from KOREA to VIETNAM. Based on customer’s request, DHS Logistics will provide to clients the professional, efficient, reliable and cost-effective shipping service to Korea (Busan, Incheon, Kwangyang…) 

If you have any shipment that is needed to deliver to Korea, we will handle the shipment with the best ocean freight and shortest time.


Ocean Freight from Korea to Vietnam


1. Ocean Freight Services from Korea to Vietnam

DHS Logistics that offers both Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipping options for port-to-port and door-to-door cargo shipping service to Korea and Korea to Vietnam by sea

Less than Container Load (LCL): With LCL ocean shipping, your cargo shares container space with products from other companies importing from Korea to Vietnam. LCL is typically the most cost-effective method for businesses with smaller consignments to ship.

Full Container Load (FCL): With FCL shipping you get exclusive use of a shipping container. Your goods will travel fully sealed in their container from origin to destination. An FCL shipment can not only be quicker than LCL, but also less expensive.


2. FCL Ocean Freight from Korea to Vietnam

DHS LOGISTICS has constantly developed and improved its FCL shipping service to give customers the best experience. We bring to you all services related to shipping containers during specific transportation:

  • Book a booking with a shipping line
  • Choose the shell, provide the container/lead number to the customer
  • Issue House Bill or provide Master Bill to customers.
  • Revoking the original House Bill
  • Lifting, loading and unloading containers, handing over to shipping lines.
  • Pay all charges at the port for the customer.


FCL Sea freight services included with your FCL shipment from Korea (Busan, Incheon, Kwangyang…) to Vietnam (Cat Lai, Cai Mep, Da Nang, Hai Phong…) and Vietnam to Korea of DHS Logistics :

  •  Door-to-port FCL
  •  Door-to-port FCL
  •  Port-to-door FCL
  •  Port-to-port LCL

 Ocean Freight From Korea to Vietnam 


3. LCL Freight Service from China to Vietnam

DHS LOGISTICS we specialize in providing LCL freight services as follows:

  • LCL freingt to all ports in the world.
  • Transporting personal goods (non-commercial goods) to a company unit
  • Combined shipping Sea (sea) – Air (air).
  • Door-to-door package delivery service.
  • Customs clearance services for import and export goods.

LCL Sea freight Services included with your LCL shipment from Korea (Busan, Incheon, Kwangyang…)  to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Cai Mep, Da Nang, Hai Phong…) :

  •  Door-to-port LC
  •  Door-to-door LCL
  •  Port-to-door LCL
  •  Port-to-port LCL


4. Procedures for sea freight to Korea and Korea to Vietnam

It depends on Incoterms condition and contract between shipper and consignee.


 Procedures for sea freight to Korea and Korea to Vietnam 



5. Why you choose sea freight services of DHS Logistics

DHS Logistics provides sea freight services from Korea (Busan Port, Incheon Port,…) to Vietnam (Hai Phong Port, Ho Chi Minh Port, Da Nang Port,..)  and Vietnam to Korea. So, why you choose us sea freight services from Korea (Busan Port, Incheon Port,…) to Vietnam and otherwise?

– Competitive price: Our best ocean rates for these “all-in” services are enabling you to receive your goods as soon as possible

– Professional service: Trade managers 24 hours online, check and reply every 3 – 5 minutes. Logistics staff with 10 years experience in cargo shipping from Korea to Vietnam

– Arriving safety: DHS Logistics is responsible for loading, unloading and controlling your FCL / LCL cargo. By combination logistics technology, expertise, and the world’s best freight forwarders, DHS Logistics ensures safe and real-time operations, right in your browser

Tracking and tracing your sea freight 24/7: During cargo shipping from Vietnam to Korea and from Korea to Vietnam, you always worry about the current status of your cargo. When you use our ocean freight service, we always update your current cargo status (such as cut-off time, time of departure, the journey of the cargo ship, time of arrival,..) during transit 

We will be happy to provide a door to door service, including all your import /export needs. Get a quote for your shipment, and let us ship cargo to Korea or pick up cargo from Vietnam to Korea

Contact us now for the best offer at:

Email: info@dhslogistics.vn

Skype: DHS Logistics 

Mobile: +84 943361666 ( Line / KakaoTalk / Whatsapp )

Wechat: dt_0943361666


Other services of DHS Logistics:

Customs Clearance Services in Vietnam

Customs Declaration Services in Haiphong

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