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DHS Logistics specializes in EXPORT-IMPORT SERVICES and CUSTOMS DECLARATION, with a professional team of personnel with over 10 years of experience and the support of experts in the customs field. We are confident to provide you with PROFESSIONAL and PROMPT export-import and customs services.

DHS will handle all aspects of your import-export shipments, including domestic transportation, documentation, import/export procedures, and international air, sea, or land transportation...at the most optimal cost.


Import - Export Services in Vietnam


1. Import & Export Services at DHS Logistics

  • International ocean freight transportation services to countries around the world (LCL and FCL containerized cargo).
  • International airfreight transportation services for import-export.
  • International land transportation services for import-export.
  • Customs procedures and preparation of customs declarations for import-export shipments, as well as other related services.
  • Customs brokerage services for import-export.
  • Application services for import licenses and product announcements.
  • Application services for certificates of origin for exported goods, including Form A, Form B, Form E, Form D, Form AK, Form AJ, Form AANZ, etc.
  • Trucking and tractor services.
  • Full package import-export services, "Door to Door".
  • Full package customs services for business, non-commercial, processing, manufacturing for export, on-site import-export, temporary import for re-export, etc.


Additionally, we also provide consulting and other services related to customs procedures, such as: 

  • Application services for Certificate of Origin (C/O).
  • Plant/animal quarantine inspection services.
  • Quality inspection and testing of goods.
  • Analysis and classification of goods.
  • Food safety and hygiene inspection services.
  • Application services for product announcements for food and cosmetics.
  • Application services for licenses from various industries.
  • Application services for conformity and announcement of conformity certificates.


 Customs clearance Vietnam 

2. Types of import and export goods

DHS Logistics provides customs clearance services for all types of customs procedures for import and export goods:

  • Customs procedures for commercial goods.

  • Customs procedures for non-commercial goods.

  • Customs procedures for temporary import and re-export, temporary export and re-import.

  • Customs procedures for on-site import and export goods.

  • Customs procedures for processing, manufacturing and exporting goods.

  • Customs procedures for transit goods.


 Import - Export Services 


3. Why should customers use DHS Logistics' import-export services?

DHS Logistics is proud to be a reliable, fast, professional, transparent, and efficient provider of full-service customs procedures for export-import businesses in the region and neighboring provinces.

We believe that DHS Logistics' customs clearance services will meet the needs of our customers because:


  • We complete customs declarations quickly.

  • We ensure the absolute confidentiality of customer information.

  • Our professional team with over 10 years of experience will provide dedicated advice on documents, procedures, HS code application, C/O, etc. for customers.

  • With leading experts from the General Department of Customs and long-standing staff, DHS Logistics always brings customers the best service experience.

  • We offer a complete transportation service along with customs procedures, so you do not need to contact multiple partners when exporting or importing your goods.

  • We provide transparent information on taxes, fees, and charges.

  • We provide complete and convenient documents for customers to declare to state agencies before, during, and after customs clearance.

  • We offer optimal solutions for declaration: prepare documents, procedures, and optimize tax costs.

  • We always update new policies and requirements from customs, specialized agencies, and tax authorities.



customs clearance services


Contact us now for the best offer at:

Email: info@dhslogistics.vn

Skype: DHS Logistics 

Whatsapp: +84 943361666

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