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The customs declaration service is a vital part in the chain of services that support import and export activities. However, the complexity and differences in customs procedures across different countries can create significant challenges for the circulation of goods. In Bac Ninh, a region with numerous industrial parks, the need for fast and accurate customs services is especially crucial to ensure a smooth and timely flow of goods.


customs declaration services in bac ninh


1. Customs Declaration Services in Bac Ninh

DHS Logistics is a company specialized in the field of logistics. We provide comprehensive solutions for customs procedures, freight forwarding, and supply chain management. Our goal is to bring the most useful solutions to our customers, helping them save costs, comply with legal regulations, and minimize risks in the customs field. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible services.

My provides comprehensive customs services such as:

  • Comprehensive customs clearance service package.
  • Customs declaration service for import and export of LCL consolidated goods to FCL full container shipments.
  • Request for complete C/O certificate service.
  • Freight transportation service with flexible, fast, and safe methods.
  • Specialized customs inspection services. For example, sterilization of export goods, application for import permits for iron and steel, fertilizers, goods inspection, and conformity assessment for batches of goods.
  • Tax refund service, settlement reporting, waste and scrap management for businesses.
  • Service for obtaining certificates of origin.

 customs declaration in bac ninh 

Customs Declaration Services in Bac Ninh


2. Types of customs declaration services 

  • Production and export/import declaration services
  • Processing and export/import declaration services
  • On-site export/import declaration services
  • Transit declaration services
  • Business export/import declaration services
  • Temporary import for re-export and temporary export for re-import declaration services


3. Why use DHS's customs clearance services in Bac Ninh? 

  • Businesses lack experience in customs clearance procedures, especially in handling unexpected issues.

  • Businesses do not have a dedicated department specialized in customs declaration for import and export.

  • Businesses want to speed up the customs clearance process, ensure the production and distribution chain.

  • Businesses want to minimize losses in terms of quality, costs, and time in the customs clearance process.



Customs declaration in Bac Ninh - Dhs Logistics

4. Commitment to Customs Services in Bac Ninh by DHS Logistics 

  • Fast customs declaration completion time.

  • Absolute confidentiality of customer information.

  • Professional team with over 10 years of experience will provide attentive advice on documents, procedures, HS code application... for customers.

  • With top experts from the General Department of Customs and experienced staff, DHS Logistics always brings the best service experience to customers.

  • Full-service transportation with customs procedures included, so customers do not need to contact multiple partners when exporting or importing their shipments.  


5. Quotation and consultation 


 customs declaration bac ninh



We will be happy to provide a door to door service, including all your import /export needs. Get a quote for your shipment right away via email: info@dhslogistics.vn

Contact us now for the best offer at:

Email: info@dhslogistics.vn

Skype: DHS Logistics 

Mobile: +84 943361666 ( Line / KakaoTalk / Whatsapp )

Wechat: dt_0943361666


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